What Is Net Neutrality And Why Should I Care If It Goes Away?

Here we are again, for what feels like the hundredth time.

The FCC has released a statement that they are going to strip the internet of Net Neutrality.

You're probably thinking to yourself right now, "Yeah, yeah,yeah, who cares? Next!"  If that is the mindset you're taking, I understand.  This fight is exhausting, and kinda boring, and never seems to end.  So why continue to fight or care about it?

Well, let me answer that question with these question.  Do you like only paying for your internet once a month?  When you pay for a service, like Hulu, and they say "no commercials" you would be pretty mad if you had to watch commercials, even though you paid a higher premium for the no commercial service, right?

Net Neutrality prevents companies LIKE COMCAST from "monetizing" the internet.  But what does that mean?

That means, when you pay your monthly fees to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), you get access to the entirety of the internet.  You…

X-Men - Issue 2

The second issue of X-Men is here, and we've got a new villain to fight...The Vanisher!

This issue brought to you by:


This week our team, ready for anything since their encounter with their first mutant villain Magneto, deals with their rising fame as well as an all new mutant villain The Vanisher.

The Vanisher is another homo superior who has the ability to teleport to anywhere he can think of.  If you think about it, that is a really amazing power.  I mean, as far as this issues goes, nobody has set up any sort of limitations to this, like how Nightcrawler's BAMF power works.  As far as we are aware, The Vanisher can think of Hawaii, even though he's never been (as far as we know) and POOF! he's in Hawaii.
Or maybe he could think of being inside of a bank vault...I'm just saying...loophole to your whole story Marvel...loophole.
So what does this Vanisher do?  Well Vanisher needs money, much like all super villains, but he d…

How To Shop For Cosplay

So you decided you want to cosplay...Freaking BA! You even went as far as figuring out the exact character you want to become!! Perfect! Now you just need to figure out what to build it out of, and where to buy all of this crazy stuff.
I had a lot of cosplay growing pains. I think I have the shopping part down pretty well, and figured out where to go to get great savings to help keep my cosplay more affordable and get the products that I feel work best.
I will touch on the multitude of material options out there, and where I feel is the best place to purchase it. I will also go into brief detail on what you need to work with each item. If you know of a better option or if I missed anything please let me know in the comments!
Side note before we begin - COUPONS!! Joann’s and Michaels ALWAYS have things.

I love working with foam. I use it in many ways. Sometimes I am making a full armor piece out of this stuff, or I am using it as a base for another material called Worbla. It is ver…

X-Men - Issue 1

I can't tell you how excited that I am to actually be undertaking this project.  The X-Men have been my favorite Marvel super team for almost thirty years now!  Though I have loved everything I have read from the 90s to current, I never really sat down and dedicated myself to finding these older issues to pour through.

I feel that this is because when I was a kid I had a reprint of X-Men #1, and I remember reading through it feeling that the art was sub par, and the story was weak and flat.  Looking back, I was almost spoiled by the amazing art of Jim Lee from his run with Claremont, and I felt that between those comics and the X-Men cartoon, this was just too "out of date" for me.

Honestly, that's probably how younger kids look at me now when I talk about movies I loved from the 80s.  Or when they stand back and gasp when I show them a black and white movie.

Anyway - on to issue 1!

The first spectacular issue of the X-Men is famous for so many reasons, but the artist an…